Caryl and Brian's World Bike Tour

Alaska and Canada - 1996

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Haines Alaska, WOW! - June 6, 1996

We go for the gold in the Yukon - June 8, 1996

It really was cold up there - June 8, 1996

Paddle wheeler Discovery I on the Chena river, Fairbanks - June 14, 1996

We actually had good weather at Denali - June 17, 1996

Caryl models the latest in mosquito wear - June 20, 1996

More fabulous views in Denali - June 20, 1996

Here we stand with my cousin overlooking ice and more ice, Kenai peninsula - June 29, 1996

Watch out for them moose - July 2, 1996

The world's largest igloo. No it's not ice. - July 5, 1996

Brian's pushing the pipeline, all 800 miles, into alignment. - July 10, 1996

The end of the Alaska highway, Delta Junction. The beginning for us. - July 14, 1996

Cute roadhouse at Dot Lake - July 15, 1996

Turds, also known as burls, for one and all. - July 20, 1996

Lost in a forest of signs at Watson Lake - July 21, 1996

Another WOW campsite on Vancouver Island - August 30, 1996

Everytime we met this lady it rained and rained and rained. Bad luck she is - September 18, 1996

A YURT, year round recreational tent - September 19, 1996

Fort Clatsop, the end of the Lewis and Clark trail - September 19, 1996

We never seemed to run out of scenic spots this summer - September 24, 1996

Would you believe we slept in in this state park shower room one miserable rainy night? - October 30, 1996

The engineer in our hearts never quite seems to leave us completely - October 31, 1996


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We'd like to thank my father, Charles Johnson, whose diligent mail forwarding and other logistical support make this journey far easier than it could be otherwise.


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