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Europe 1999 - Pictures - Part 1

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Ready to go with a whole new bike/trailer concept - May

We didn't have a great start having spent the night in Chicago, O'Hare airport - June 2, 1999


Quaint village along the Main river in Germany - June 6, 1999


Old town hall in Bamberg, Germany - June 10, 1999


Tree shrouded bike path near Klumbach, Germany - June 13, 1999


Standing on the St. Charles bridge in Praha, Germany - June 18, 1999


Quiet Polish country road near Jawar - June 26, 1999


Hotel de Ville (town hall) in Wroclaw, Poland - June 28, 1999


Produce department in main market hall of Wroclaw, Poland - June 28, 1999


One of those strange wood towers in Polish fields. What are they? - July 1, 1999


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