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Europe 1999 - Pictures - Part 2

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Colorful row houses in Poznan, Poland - July 2, 1999


We turn out for a friendly visit with a local Polish family - July 11, 1999


What's bigger, the bike or the baby Fiat? - July 12, 1999


Huge Dutch style windmill at museum in Riga, Latvia - July 24, 1999


Freedom monument in downtown Riga, Latvia. - July 24, 1999


Causeway along the island of Saaremaa in Estonia - August 2, 1999



Bishop's fortress at Kuresaare, Estonia - August 4, 1999


Bridge to Bishop's fortress at Kuresaare, Estonia - August 4, 1999


Five pole style windmills at Angla, Estonia - August 5, 1999


Bucket and pole well at Saera farm museum, Estonia - August 8, 1999


Typical street in old town Tallinn, Estonia - August 12, 1999


Wool goods for sale along old wall in Tallinn, Estonia - August 12, 1999


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