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Europe 1999 - Pictures - Part 3

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Band on Rynck, town square, in Krakow, PL - August 20, 1999


Salt figures depicting the founding of the salt mine at Wieliczka, PL - August 21, 1999


The fence of Aushwitz near Krakow, PL - August 22, 1999


Fabulous roof of Wawel castle in Krakow, PL - August 23, 1999


One of the motocross race groups that joined us at the camp in Krakow, PL - August 26, 1999


A Disney style castle in the Pest (Budapest, HU) City Park - August 29, 1999



Now here's our kind of ferry, Visegrad, HU - September 5, 1999


The 20th century meets the 19th, Gyor, HU - September 7, 1999


Interior ceiling of the Kuntshistoriches museum in Vienna, AS - September 11, 1999


A carossel with a real ponies, Vienna, AS - September 12, 1999


A bike rental vending machine. Wow! Vienna, AS - September 14, 1999


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