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Mexico - 1997

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On to Mexico, another day another country - January 1, 1997

Part way down Baja is this odd looking eagle - January 12, 1997

A church designed by Eiffel in Santa Rosalia - January 18, 1997

Party time in Merida - January 24, 1997

Swimming in a Yucatan cenote is like swimming in a fish bowl - January 28, 1997

This is a typical Yucatan house called a "na" - January 31, 1997

Uxmal from atop the main temple - February 7, 1997

Fascinating Mayan carvings - February 7, 1997

These are all repeats of the same god, Chacmul - February 7, 1997

Mexican markets are all a colorful affair - February 11, 1997

A very young ice cream salesman - February 20, 1997

One of the impressive temples of Tikl, Guatemala - March 2, 1997

These all are candles sold for offerings in church - March 9, 1997

These paintings are all made from sawdust. Some sort of contest was in place - March 9, 1997

Our first visit to Honduras - March 10, 1997

El Chalten in Honduras has some of the most remarkable stone carvings - March 10, 1997

Women of Guatemala still wear their traditional costume - March 18, 1997

Painted and decorated, old US school buses have a new life in Guatemala. - March 25, 1997

More but different traditional costumes in San Cristobal de las Casas - March 28, 1997

In San Cristobal they do the whole Easter parade, Christ and all - March 28, 1997

Just about the very next day there are beauty queens in spring celebration - March 30, 1997

A different era from Mayan, Teotihuacan - April 9, 1997

In Guadalajara these guys will type up anything, anytime for a small price - April 21, 1997


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