Caryl and Brian's World Bike Tour

South America - 2001 - Part 3

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Small shrine surrounded by bottles of water, km 919 on Rt. 157 south of Recreo - Mar. 26, 01

Town of Ischilin between Dean Funes and Capilla del Monte - Mar. 27, 01

Carlos and Caryl at shrine outside Capilla, our host for lunch. - Mar. 28, 01

Cascadas de Olean near Cosquin - Apr. 2, 01

Grand old, abandoned Eden Hotel at La Falda. - Apr. 5, 01

Nice old wrought iron gate at Museo Historico de Sobremonte in Cordoba - Apr. 6, 01

Juncture of 3 countries, Brazil right, Paraguay left, standing in Argentina - Apr. 10, 01

Glorious Foz de Iguazu, Argentina side - Apr. 11, 01

Up close and personal with the falls, Argentina side. - Apr. 11, 01

The amazing Garganta del Diablo, devil's throat - Apr. 11, 01

Overall view of Foz de Iguazu from Brazil side. - Apr. 13, 01

Enormous Itaipu dam in Foz do Iguassu on Brazil side. - April 14, 01

Hello Paraguay. - April 15, 01

Great carved doorway at Jesuit ruins of Trinidad, PA. - Apr. 20, 01

Church of the Jesuit ruins of Trinidad, PA. - Apr. 20, 01

A model of the Jesuit ruins at San Ignacio, AR - Apr. 21, 01


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