Caryl and Brian's World Bike Tour

South America West - 2001/2002 - Part 6

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Lake Titicaca, largest Alpine lake, highest navigable lake, Peru side - May. 6, 02

Rotting totora reed boat on Lake Titicaca near Puno, Peru - May 8, 02

Floating island of Uros, Chile. They really do float. - May 9, 02

Captain for our totora reed boat ride between islands, Uros, Peru - May 9, 02

Sales lady and baby on one floating island of Uros, Peru - May 9, 02

Puma and snake heads of old, abandoned totora reed boats, Uros, Peru - May 9, 02

Fabulous architectural symmetry at Raqchi, Peru - May 10, 02

Typical Inca fountain design. Fountains at Tambo Machay, Cuzco, Peru - May 12, 02

We're off on the Inca trail, Peru - May 15, 02

Map of the Inca trail with elevation representation, Peru - May 16, 02

This tent was set up for every lunch and dinner. Luxury backpacking. Inca trail, Peru - May 16, 02

Our group at the top of Dead Woman's Pass, Inca trail, Peru - May 16, 02

Looking the other direction at Dead Woman's Pass, Inca trail, Peru - May 16, 02

Some of the wonderful Inca trail construction, Inca trail, Peru - May 17, 02

Overview of Machu Pichu, our destination, Inca trail, Peru - May 18, 02

Main gate into Machu Pichu, an important doorway. Inca trail, Peru - May 18, 02

Example of Ottoman Empire style porch used at Bishop's Palace, Lima, Peru - May 23, 02

Rare Andean speckled bear in Lima Zoo - May 23, 02


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