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USA and Canada - 1998

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We're on the road once again in New Mexico headed north. One more pass under our belts - May 10, 1998

That fuzzy rat is the real newsletter author. Caryl just pretends - May 10b, 1998

Happy Birthday to you - May 12, 1998

What do you do when a headwind howls? Brian takes a nap. - May 14, 1998

When the wind howls, Caryl recruits help - May 18, 1998

This is actually just a small canyon in New Mexico. Not even close to the Grand Canyon - May 20, 1998

Bryce canyon is so cool - May 28, 1998

This was one of our most memorable campsites ever - June 2, 1998

Brrrrrr. This much snow on Bald Mtn pass even in June - June 10, 1998

The west always offers fantastic vistas - June 24, 1998

A store full of antiques in Wyoming - June 26, 1998

This thing did what? - June 27, 1998

What experience does the bottom person have in this 2 story outhouse? - June 27, 1998

This is our most favorite National Park - July 10, 1998

You just can't beat this view in Waterton Lakes NP in Canada - July 16, 1998

This is the largest Tonka truck we've ever seen - July 19, 1998

These fellows were headed to Ushuaia. Wonder if they ever made it? - August 9, 1998

The world's largest fly fishing rod - August 12, 1998

Note the "Bike Food" sign - August 27, 1998

This is one of those amazing Washington volcano made mountains - September 6, 1998

A favorite eating place for my former work buddies - October 10, 1998

Back to the tropics of Baja California - October 28, 1998

Pretty ocean but dry desert as we head to La Paz, Mexico - October 30, 1998

Food at the end of the day is always a treat to look forward to even in the dry Baja desert - November 3, 1998


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