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Great Divide Mountain Bike Route - Part 2 - 2000

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Beaver Dam campground south of Butte - July 30

Looking down from the top of Fleecer's Ridge - July 31

Polaris School starts the next map section at mile 530.3 - August 1

Nice camp at the Horse Prairie Hilton, mile 557.7 - August 2

Medicine Lodge pass overlooking dry Montana, Mile 587.8 - August 2

The unique Calf-A in Dell, MT - August 2

Goodbye to Dan and Caroline at Upper Red Rock Lake CG - August 4

Finally, Idaho, CD crossing #6 at Red Rocks Pass - August 5

Exiting old rail tunnel at mile 743.0 - August 7

Entering Grand Teton NP at mile 794 - August 9

A daily chore, pumping water at Raspberry Creek at mile 896.3 -August 13

On the range in Wyoming at mile 948 - August 14

South Pass City State Park, WY at mile 1037.9 - August 16


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We'd like to thank my father, Charles Johnson, whose diligent mail forwarding and other logistical support make this journey far easier than it could be otherwise.


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