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Date: 1 Feb 1995 18:13:23 -0800

Hi my name is Caryl Bergeron (I currently use Johnson at work) I'd like to introduce myself and my husband. I am 37 and Brian is 42. This coming spring, 1995, we are going to quit our aerospace engineering jobs and take off on a worldwide bicycling adventure. We currently plan to spend the first two years traveling throughout the U.S completing what we call a perimeter tour. Actually it'll be more of a figure 8 pattern so we can stay north in the summer and south in the winter After that we'll head onto Europe and other far corners of the earth. We expect we'll probably be on the road for 10 to 15 years when all is said and done.

As part of our equipement we will be carrying a small HP 100LX palmtop computer, a modem, and an acoustic coupler. With this equipment we will be accessing the Internet through one of the commercial services. One of our reasons for getting on the Internet is to create a network of internet penpals to keep us company along the way. From what we have read, such as in "Miles >From Nowhere by Barbara Savage", it can get to be quite lonely out there on the road when you travel for many years at a time. So we hope to avoid that by having lots of Internet friends.

We currently plan to send out periodic form newsletters to everyone on our email list as well as maintain communication with specific individuals who send us letters and notes. Our hope is that over time we'll develop a network of close friends many of whom we may get to visit along the way or who may even wish to join us for a week or two of riding.

I recently received the "warm showers" list from TerryZ and noted that your name was there. So since you obviously are interested in bike tourists and people who travel, I thought that perhaps you would be interested in becoming one of our traveling penpals. If so, please send a response to this note and I will send you more information about our plans and progress towards what we call "Project Freedom". Then we could work on getting to know each other better.

We hope to hear from you and if not, we wish you the best in all your future bicycling adventures.


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We'd like to thank my father, Charles Johnson, whose diligent mail forwarding and other logistical support make this journey far easier than it could be otherwise.


Wendy Strutin Riedy for archiving the newsletters on her WWW site,

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