Caryl and Brian's World Bike Tour

South America West - 2001/2002 - Part 2

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Fish camp, Km 45 on Carratera Austral, Chile - Jan. 1, 02

Boarding the ferry at Hornopiren, Chile. It was 5 hours long. - Jan. 4, 02

Now these are plants. Jungle at Caleta Gonzalo, Chile - Jan. 5, 02

Little village of Puyuhuapi, Chile - Jan. 12, 02

Picturesque church at Villa Amanguale, Chile - Jan. 14, 02

Loading the boats at Laguna San Rafael, Chile - Jan. 18, 02

The glacier at Laguna San Rafael, Chile - Jan. 18, 02

Cerro Castillo Carratera Austral 89 km south of Coihaique, Chile - Jan. 23, 02

Chatting with the carabineros just north of Villa O'Higgins, Chile - Jan. 30, 02

Welcome to Villa O'Higgins, Chile. The end of the road. - Jan. 31, 02

One last overlook of Villa O'Higgins - Feb. 1, 02


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