Caryl and Brian's World Bike Tour

South America West - 2001/2002 - Part 4

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Heading up the canyon toward Cristo Redentor tunnel, Argentina. - Mar. 23, 02

The strange caracoles road on Chilean side of tunnel. - Mar. 24, 02

One of the few colonial buildings in Santiago, Posada del Corregidor. - March. 25, 02

Fishing fleet at Los Vilos, Chile - Mar. 29, 02

Big Ben style clock tower at Plaza de Armas, Antofagasta, Chile - Apr. 6, 02

Tropic of Capricorn just north of Antofogasta airport, Chile - Apr. 7, 02

Eerie cemetery at ghost town of Cobija, Chile - Apr. 8, 02

This is a golf course? Tocopilla, Chile - Apr. 10, 02

Looks like we're really in the desert now. South of Iquique, Chile - Apr. 12, 02


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